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  Academic materials are submitted to the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for sharing with educational institutions (please see License Agreement).

Note: Content submissions are reviewed before they are added to the ARC database.

Please follow these steps to submit your academic materials for consideration of inclusion in the ARC database:

  1. Read and accept the License Terms, which grants other universities the rights to use your materials.
  2. Complete the Web Form to describe your materials (at minimum, complete required fields).
  3. Add your file.

Thank you for participating in Microsoft’s content and curriculum program. As part of your participation, please carefully review (and accept below) the terms of this short license terms, which will allow the academic community (including universities, Microsoft and other program participants) to use, modify and distribute the curriculum/content/code that you contribute as part of this process. You must accept these license terms by clicking “I AGREE” below in order for Microsoft to receive your curriculum/content/code submissions.

Please enter your signature in order to accept these terms.      (Type your name.)

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