Academic Resource Center

Carving a career path can leave one with both a fulfilling and fleeting feeling of accomplishment. With the wealth of information provided on the world-wide web, it could become overwhelming without the proper guidance. The Academic Resource Center places plans for potential success in the palms of your hands. Whether you have it all figured out, or if you decide to figure it all out along the way, the Academic Resource Center is a key command post to direct a successful journey.

Personal Academic Consultant

Consider yourself the pivotal piece of the PAC or Personal Academic Consultant with an experienced and dedicated academic specialist available to assist in a wide range of areas. Relax in the assurance that you are on track to reach your personal goals with the solid advice of academic professionals. Receive guidance on test-taking strategies or effective study habits. Gain insight on time management for productivity in both academic and social settings. Take a strong step in the right direction with a professional consultant having your back.

Peer Tutor

For a more relaxed and perhaps more familiar hand in adjusting, a peer tutor may be the thing for you. Work one on one with qualified tutors readily willing to help you along your way. Schedule allotted tutoring hours weekly with your tutor to better prepare for production and success. Don’t allow an upcoming research assignment to intimidate you. Don’t fret over finals Find out first hand from tutors who have truly been there, done that.

Specialized Support Services

Not all students learn the same, but all students deserve the same learning opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities come with special accommodations or modifications. Students meeting specified criteria are offered free services for academic and social interventions. A dedicated student adviser is on hand to work individually with students receiving specialized intervention plans.

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Visit the ARC (Academic Resource Center) to discover a real chance at personal advancement. Become a part of our community today. Bestow a world of difference tomorrow.